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When dry wood or other kind of biomass (leaf litter; Brush wood; agro waste etc.) is heated in a close chamber it undergoes a process called pyrolysis wherein all the volatiles present in the wood evaporates as producer gas.

At elevated temperatures the cellulose breaks down releasing following gases.


·         Methane,

·         Heavier Hydro Carbons,

·         Carbon Di Oxide,

·         Hydrogen,

·         Carbon Monoxide,

·         Nitrogen and Oxygen.


These gases are burnt in an appropriate device called “Agro waste Stove”, for getting heat energy for cooking. The stove should be used in open space as there is generation of carbon monoxide in this device.


CSV has made a simple and user friendly device and popularised it in the forest villages of Maharashtra (MH), Andhra Pradesh (AP) etc with the assistance of Forest Departments.
Agro Waste Stove
To solve technological limitations of traditional methods, CSV evolved a range of technologies which are elaborated below 
Sting Proof Dress: 
Rock bees are ferocious in nature and they attack in swarm if they feel that their colony is likely to be attacked by an intruder. This natural instinct of rock bees has contributed a great deal in protecting this species from the aggressive nature of man and animal alike.
Apiculture Instruments
The technology involves making small incision in the bole of the tree with the help of chisel & hammer and administration of small quantity of ethephone in the tree trunk.
Ethephone is a chemical having an active ingredient namely 2-chloroethyle phosphonic acid. Ethephone releases a plant hormone called ethylene when its pH becomes slightly basic in the tissue of the plant.
CSV has developed a range of decorative and useful products having demand in the offices, houses, conferences, functions, and special events. These products are made using handmade or conventional paper and boards along with other materials used for ornamentation.  
As far as paper conversion is concerned, there are hundreds of items which are in use in the society like paper bags, folder, fancy bags, note paper, greeting acrds, letter box, envelops of different shapes and sizes, diaries, lamps for festivals, purse, simple files,  Pad files etc.
Hand Made Paper
An all steel bullock cart is being developed by “Institute for Steel Development and Growth” (INSDAG), Kolkata is optimized and popularized by CSV. The traditional bullock cart is of wood and is heavy and involves lot of drudgery to bullocks than all steel bullock carts. Following account of all steel bullock carts elaborates its salient features.
Improved Bullock Cart
Used for the harvesting of honey in forest areas.
Rope Ladder
Spirulina a microscopic blue green algae, has capacity to produces 10 times more protein per acre than that of Soya bean and 200 times more than that of beef. It is the best natural source of protein anywhere. 
Spirulina has all nine of the essential amino acids as well as nine more nonessential ones. One tablespoon (about 2 grams) of Spirulina powder provides US RDA of vitamin B12… 50 % of vitamin B2… and 2300% of vitamin A, in the safe form of beta carotene, an essential antioxidant that helps protect the body’s healthy cells. 
Objectives of CSV
The objective of CSV is to provide the training to rural entrepreneurs.
01	Introduce basic concept of growing Spirulina 
02	Provide details of admissible and non admissible inputs in Spirulina Production.
03	Production and quality control of Spirulina.
04	Providing standard methodology.
Spray Drying